Pin   shooting   originated   in   the   U.S.A   and   was   the   brainchild   of Richard Davis of Second Chance body Armour fame. This informal and spectator friendly sport is offered as an alternative to practical pistol. It  has  now  become  one  of the  most  popular of shooting sports in the United States of America today.




Pin   shooting   is   relatively inexpensive,   fast,   visually   exciting   and   basically simple. The  objective  is  to shoot  bowling pins  off a  table  at  a distance of 7.6 meters. This sounds quite easy, but as with every sport there is a catch, because the 1.6Kg pins must be driven right off the back of the table.  The expenditure of ammunition is normally limited to 50 rounds for   a   30-man   elimination   match;   this   however   depends greatly on your own level of skill.

Pin shooting offers instant visual satisfaction to the spectator and shooter alike. Action is fast and furious and as a relatively·inexpensive shooting sport, it should appeal to everyone.


Why bowling pins?

The first pin shoot recognized as such was conducted by Richard Davis who demonstrated the effectiveness of his companies bullet proof vests by shooting himself with a large caliber handgun while wearing his vest then using the gun to shoot 5 bowling pins off a table. As you can guess this demonstration for his Second Chance bullet proof vests has proven very effective. Why has shooting bowling pins taken off to the extent it has? Because it's fun! Bowling pins are a dynamic target, if you hit them off center they tend to fall down instead of going off the table. Once they're lying down they'll usually spin when hit on the ends instead of going off the table. These factors make the simple statement of "clear the table of 5 pins" more challenging than it sounds.


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